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Sunday, October 17, 2010



He is very good for you.

She is very blessed.

I am very happy for you both.


stop it!!!
(you're making me cry)

also...i love your new banner


happy six month anniversary! such a lovely sentiment.

thank you for stopping by my little blog. so nice to have you!

my husband and i are enjoying portland very much. how about another beautiful day today?! we are slowly getting acclimated, and having a ball exploring something new every weekend together.

what brought you to portland?

please let me know if you have any recommendations for us newbies.



happy anniversary - and many many more!!

Mary Ann

We don't really need him to "do" the internet as long as he is "do"ing you. Yes. I went there. Happy happy, lovely friend:)


teresa, kristin and sandra - thank you! i count my lucky stars everyday.

jac _ thank you and welcome. thanks for visiting my blog

mary ann - you are grounded :) but you made me giggle like a school girl. i knew it was blogger beware when i wrote that sentence.


such a cute post! wishing you many, many years of happiness. may you still be hot for each other 26 years down the road, just like me and mark ;)

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