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Thursday, May 27, 2010


miss chris

I think this is exactly how I would feel, sweet girl. :) Good luck with that.


Kelly says: "When it's rainy for a long period of time, I tell myself that's why it's so gorgeous here!"

Mary Ann

Get thee a light box. Hot damn.

Aunt Sharon

So many positives for rain, fresh air, green lush landscape, good for skin, not like the dry air in SoCal. Besides, it has been crazy down in your old stomping grouds, sunny/cloudy/misty,really windy, now the hot smogy days are coming upon us. I think you are a ray of sunshine, so just shine where you are planted my sweet niece. Love U


beautiful polaroid! i'm so sorry the sun has been hanging over minnesota. i'm happy to see it here but wish it would visit you soon, too.


eternal optimist...even when the weather gets you down you still manage to sound upbeat. life is good.

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs

We almost moved to Seattle and I used to say the same thing - just a vicious rumor about the rain to keep people away.

You just need to make sure you have really cute rain gear and always take advantage of the sunny days.

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