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Tuesday, July 07, 2009



Oh, I like the "edge" image! So fabulous. Neglected blog = busy life? No worries! :) Sending a hug right back.


beautiful polaroids! they portray summer perfectly to me :)


still here - loving you - wish i was wiggling my toes in the sand or the water


Hey, I read your blog. And I love looking at your collaborations, pools and polaroids, who knew they were made for each other?


how wonderful!

painted fish studio

i still check for postings daily (mostly cuz i'm too lazy to set up bloglines or whatever it is that people use to keep track of these things...).

still love our collaboration... what's July's word? your turn!

Kim B.

This makes me yearn for the pool! I'll one-up that desire and head to Boston and the beach. We leave Saturday morning!!

Hope you're having a super awesome summer!

Aunt Sharon

What a very cool picture, miss you


Those are both lovely shots! So, I bought some film off eBay for my Polaroid and it was all bad. Boo. Haven't been brave enough to get more.

Glad you are back, even if it is just for a day!


great pairing! the pools look so inviting!


Mary Ann

Maybe you two were separated at birth...


these are beautiful! I just NEED to see more:)

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