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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Kim B.

Look at those little graduates! So cute!


Aren't they cute -- moving - new address???

Aunt Sharon

OMG, where has the time gone. Mr C is absolutely adorable, what a wonderful picture of friendship. You are a busy Mom.


Ack! {so cute}
I'm glad you managed it all.

cindy : quaint

they are adorable!


SUCH a cute pic! SO handsome!!

Mary Ann

all my big kiddos were graduated last night, and my fridge broke today, and I have a wedding at 2. And? I love you...


this is adorable. I love it. congrats to the little ones on graduating! and to you for being a great mom and juggling everything.


oh man... it all goes so fast. I was email the high school to get Jkae switched to Yearbook from straight up Art as an elective as he has decided that he needs to be a photo journalist and/or the next Ira Glass.

Yes I said High School. I remember Preschool graduation like it was yesterday. I wish I was closer.. I carry stuff with you.


Boy... proof reading my comments might be a good idea. I hope you could decipher that mess!


Jen - with the computer changes at work - my facebook is down. I can see your message - will respond to embellished cards.

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