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Monday, May 18, 2009



I'm embarrassed to say that I don't have a tip to share. I'm in desperate need of them myself, so I'll look forward to reading what others have to say!

Sending lots of good vibes your way... :)


Hooray! I'm happy for you.

But organization? The only thing that keeps me from losing it these days is the calendar utility on my blackberry. I don't sync my BB with my computer or anything, but I enter stuff like "bug guy @3pm" or "CSA pickup every thursday" or "10:30 ortho appt", etc... and I can set how far in advance I need the reminder (15 mins to 1 full day)

I'm getting better at not letting them slip. It takes an extra minute to put items in there, but by gum, my phone saves me regularly... just about daily, if I'm being honest!!

Good luck... (and I love that shot. It's so precious.)


forget the electronic lists - I can easily lose (forget) them.

I write it on paper - wad it up and put it in my pocket or on the instrument panel of the car.

scratching through things makes me feel like i done did something. - cannot help it - i like marked off lists.

cindy : quaint

congratulations on being back to work! i must say, i am relieved. things are looking good for you - kids, love, work. they're all four letter words and so is my tip, which isn't very creative. but, it works - make a LIST! even a spreadsheet like a checklist to cover each day.

i love that pic. please make sure you schedule time for photography ;).

Mary Ann

focus. focus. focus. meditate.

Jessica Dougherty

If you have a Mac, iCalendar is very handy. You can sinc it up to your phone, etc.


Best of luck with your new/old gig!


congrats on the job!!! my tip....don't procrastinate & make lists so you can be 2 steps ahead of the kids,work,etc.


Whew! That's a lot of driving, but I'll bet it is a relief to have a paycheck.
My tip - meal plan. Plan the whole week and go to the grocery store once. Make as much of your weekday meals ahead as you can. And use your crock pot. Walk in the door and dinner is ready.


Congrats, on the job and the beautiful smile lines in your previous post!

Organizational tips? Yikes! Can't help ya there. :) It's a major thing I'm alternately trying to learn and trying to ignore!

painted fish studio

lists. on paper. 1 non-electronic calendar. i think the act of writing things down helps me remember. typing, not so much.


I agree with the meal plan. And I have a huge dry erase calnedar in my office that saves my life.

Kim B.

That's great news!!! I have no good tips except to keep a good calendar and look at it often!


Jen, that is the greatest news!
My only organization attempts have been feeble, but I notice that if I don't start to many things ( craft wise), if I don't make to do list then i am much happier when something actually gets done!


Hi Jen!! It's been way too long since we chatted. So happy you have your job back! My tip? Set a bedtime that is reasonable and stick to it! Nothing ruins my schedule more then staying up too late. Hugs friend! xo.

Aunt Sharon

So glad you have your job back, a great relief for you I am sure. He is very cute, love the picture of O and C.


Yahoo on the job news! I second what Laeorport said for her tip. Another tip I love it getting everything ready the night before for the next day - lunches made, clothes laid out, stuff to take to school/work all ready - this saves me so much time and stress in the morning.


yay on the job news! As for organization...I know it sounds crazy in the world of Iphone apps and Blackberrys but I write everything down in my Moleskin planner and then as things get done, I check them off with a red pen. I place a little square in front of whatever it is that I have "to do" and then when it's done, comes the check in RED. It is very satisfying. At the end of the week, like clockwork, I go back through the week's pages and see how many boxes are un-checked. To the extent there are any...I rewrite them for the following week. :) there is definitely a method to my madness...

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs

Congrats on the job scene!! OK, a tip - mise en place - or everything in it's place. As long as I have a place for everything important and consistently put them there - keys on the magnet rack by the front door, eye glasses on one specific shelf - then I'm good. Oh, and one more tip, never get worked up about anything. It's not worth it. Probably not what you're looking for but that's all I got.


thats so wonderful Jen as i know you enjoyed your job! hope things are looking up over there...

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