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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Kim B.

I think compartmentalizing is way over-rated. Better to let it all dry out in the fresh air than to have some unsuspecting soul accidentally open my tightly packed closet and get dumped on without warning! Take me or leave me I say. And thanks for letting me have a little place in your village.

Mary Ann

I see my little cottage there - with the pink polkad dot curtains.


I am sorry to hear it is still crappy. I do agree with Kim though. Obviously I am a totally different kind of blogger, but I think people shouldn't be afraid to let their blogs evolve as their lives evolve. You included. :-)

cindy : quaint

i'm still sorry you're going through these tough times, but they will get better, they have to. i love your little village and how you keep it real. our blog friends know more about us than our own family! please visit us today as we have a giveaway that might make you smile.


couldn't agree more- blogs evolve like life and your life influences your art, so better to have it all flow in the same direction!

you are doing fine. keep your chin up and stay focused. xoxo- j.


what can we do for you my dear? MaggieGrace world is a conglomeration - because all of it is who I really am and I do not compartmentalize well at all.

hang in there.


*hugs* hon. Hang in there. I, for one, and happy when you share. xoxo


I hear you so loudly, Jen! I've got an e-mail on its way to you shortly...xo

And I LOVE your little village! It reminds me of something I need to take a picture of. :)


oh darling. I hope you get through it all and come out on the other end with a smile!

painted fish studio

humpf. so 2009 isn't stellar for either of us yet. i'm hoping it gets better for you, i truly do, friend. thinking of you, let me know if i should hope a plane...


Sweet Jen...I'm so sorry...I had no idea...I'm sending you huge hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxox


love that little village. and the way you captured it. and what it represents. the rotten days will pass (the blehs, too) and the goodness days will return. soon :)



Oh Jen, you do have a little community of folks who love to come here to with a cup of tea, to cheer you on, to be inspired, to be lifted by beauty. Hope that many wonderful things are coming your way soon.


We love you!


Love you lots - SoCali Girl.


Keep your chin up. Thinking of you.


always finding that rainbow on a cloudy day.

Jessica Dougherty

know that i'm thinking of you & sending positive vibes your way!


thinking of you, dear.

the lil bee

Hang in there. I know it sucks and I give you so much credit for putting it out there and being honest. Good things will come your way. Promise:)

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