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Wednesday, February 25, 2009



There is so much happiness in your recent posts, Jen. I'm still praying for the best for you...you deserve it. xoxo

cindy : quaint

you still manage to find the magic in daily life and that is inspiring. love your heart!


ACK! I LOVE!!! xoxo


I can sympathize with love for the friends of the blog world. It's astounding to find support and understanding across the country. I love stopping in hear and finding the sweet things you've decided to share with us. It's like reaching out and saying "hello!"

A Circle of Quiet

Love that picture, it's so evocative. I like your pictures, they are quite artsy and pretty.

dolce chic

Congrats on your new home. How are you liking being on typepad? I've been thinking of moving to typepad a lot lately.


What a perfect photo and captured so well with natural beauty, both the hands & the leaf.

painted fish studio

poo. i was really out of it this week, and missed k's birthday.

friends come from unexpected places. and i love that.


love the pics, lately...you are doing well and you have a lot of love being sent your way, baby!


I hope you continue to find support where-ever and whenever you need it, even in small and simple.

God bless you.


Aren't blogging friends the best? And Kristin is a peach among peaches. You are a lucky gal. But you knew that already. xoxo


Beautiful photo...keep reachin out...


really? i never commented here? well, you know how much this means to me...thank you so much dear. xx


a beautiful image to match this lovely post. friends make everything better :)

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