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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Kim B.

I love the glasses!

My major stress-reliever is cleaning! DH calls them my "stress induced cleaning sprees!" When I'm feeling like I'm at the end of my rope, that's when I get some major housework done! It seems backwards, but there's something about clean sheets and shiny floors that is so zen!


Sorry for your stress. I find that if I keep my house in order it really helps me. This is very hard, for when I AM stressed, I don't feel like doing anything. I put my earbuds in and switch to Auto Pilot. For some insane reason cleaning my house de-stresses me. Try it, you might like it. Good luck.XOXO


I love your glasses! When the time comes for me to get a pair, I want a pair just like yours! And Japanese craft books...yay!

Well, dearie, when I'm stressed I sleep, or take a walk, or the always popular EAT. Though the suggestions of cleaning sound like a good one...you're bound to feel in-control and productive after doing that!

painted fish studio

drink. but i'm sure that's not a surprise.

lists help. if i'm out of control, a list will help me feel a little less crazy. and the satisfaction of crossing items off...yum. also: learning to say no, or realizing there's always tomorrow to do get it done, is very difficult to learn, but is powerful. hang in there!

ps. the photo is beautiful.


Beautiful shot- love the new glasses! Hope all is well with you.

Mary Ann

We are not discussing the fact that I double up on my antidepressants when it's really stressful. We are definitely not.


great specs girlfriend.

as for todo lists, i suck at them...i find tons of little scraps with todos and it still never gets done. blah. maybe i'll kill one off my list today and wrtite you?

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