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Wednesday, October 22, 2008



What a great story! He sounds like a sweetheart.

painted fish studio

awesome! what a great kid. now. where are those great kids as grown-ups? and single? and rich?


I think you have made a Forever Friend, good work!


What a fabulous Ambassador for the Polaroid you are!
Good work!


so cool Jen...you're an inspiration!


He is one in a million, we can all say we knew him when!


looking froward to seeing you this thanks giving! (from jake)

Having Jake get to me you and be inspired by you was so great and you really added the icing to the cake by the support you showed him sending that film. You are a very special person! We are lucky to know you!
from jake's mom.)


yeah...what a super kid he is. i love that you introduced your passion to him and he ran with it. you two will be buddies forever :)


great story! and awesome kid. hope you get to follow his progress with the camera :)

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