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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


cindy k

home is with my husband even if we're cranky with each other at the time ;). love your photos, as always.

teresa atkinson

home - rest - relax - love - support - forgiveness - sanctuary - these can go on and on. I love the heart and house picture at the top.


Home is my solace. My escape. It's love, comfort, safety, and happiness all rolled into one. I love it!

The Lil Bee

Home, to me, is comfort. My husband, my dogs. These photos are beautiful.

painted fish studio

home is my safe place. bed, art supplies, food, water, pets...


Home is where my children sleep soundly... and my own sheets tickle my toes. Love your photos, Jen! xo


a lovely thought to ponder... and perhaps a good topic for our collaboration. home is peace, my secret clubhouse, an extension, an expression, a reflection of me.


Home is a place to make, keep and cherish the memories of our lives. A place or security and protection. Home is that tiny voice inside that says, "It's ok."



I love these pictures, I may have a case of Polaroid envy. Anyway, home to me is all about a place of refuge, calm from the storm. And as corny as it sounds, it truly is where I hang my heart.

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