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Thursday, September 04, 2008



What a cool concept and even cooler results of your collaboration! I wish I was even one one-hundredth as creative!

painted fish studio

yay! a peek at what will be arriving in the mail... i love it already! i had a ton of fun, and looking forward to our next collaboration. xoxoxo


these are lovely. I always marvel at your talent. *sigh*

And congrats, kiddo, on the typepad thing. Cool!


Congrats, what an honor!

Rini Boer

I love your art very much !
Rini - the Netherlands

juliette Lanvers

I am so impressed by your featured typepad blog thing! awe and envy :)

Its funny you speak of collaborations because I always though, before I was hit by the reality of motherhood, How fun it would be to have a collaborative blog with you and orange and kristin... way to go!


Congrats on your Featured Spot on TypePad. Great blog, glad I found your Polaroids too!

Have a great weekend.


They are both fantastic. What a fun project.

Someday, I would love to collaborate with you on something. Maybe in the winter. I have no idea what but will put on my thinking cap.

The Lil Bee

Congratulations, Jen. You deserve the recognition! I love the idea behind this project. I hope more people take you up on it so we can see the works in progress. So fun!


they both turned out great!!

collaboration you say? i'm WIDE open now that my swag book is finished :)

and congrats on being typepad featured.


this looks like a wonderful project. both results are intriguing and lovely. i think there is definitely a collaboration in our future :) let me know if you have any ideas for us and i will think on it, too.

and congrats on the typepad feature!!!


the white on white collage is just stunning!!!

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