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Thursday, August 14, 2008



looks like you've found yourself a new lover...

i think that summer is a tough time to stay grounded. there's so much to do, so much daylight to take advantage of. i've felt lost in the last few weeks, and not creating. i must accept that i need to enjoy the summer while i can, and save my creating for the dark, cold, winter days...


Your polaroids are beautiful! I love summer, but I like to think of the start of school as the "new year", kids love getting new school supplies (and so does mom) and everyone has a sort of new beginning with new teachers, seeing friends again that they didn't hang out with over the summer and new exciting adventures. We will all be sad to not sleep in, though (except Collin who gets up early no matter what...). We do have another week and a half of freedom, though.


('scuse me...i'm still giggling over jen's comment on your new lover)

as you know, i'm loving your photos and can't wait to hear how your project is going.

i always get quite introspective at this time of the year too...the winding down of yet another season...it all goes so fast!


I LOVE your Polaroids. Keep 'em coming. Very excited to hear about your new project?!


i'm so enjoying your polaroids. ever consider making them into prints + selling a few in your shop? i can think of a few that i'd scoop up in a second!

i can't believe summer is coming to an end. this summer has been one of the best i've ever had. sad to see it go.


Balance comes and goes... Kinda like summer. Just try and have fun on the teeter-totter and hug those sprouting kids every time you even think it.



They do grow so fast, don't they? Summer ending and school starting is a little bittersweet. But I do love fall. The air cooling and yes, the possibility of real change in November.

Mary Ann

Ok. Here's the deal. When I start to think too much? I take a drink or two early in the day. And then a couple more at lunch. And then a bottle, er I mean glass, of wine at dinner.

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