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Thursday, June 12, 2008



All of my families photos were lost in a move over 30 years ago. I still long for them.

Vallen Queen

You are one of the dearest women I know. I'm so glad there is a place for these photos to stay with you.


Great thing to collect. Mine would be a box of vintage fabrics and trims, dansk enamel pots, and.....cameras!


i have a little collection, too. i especially love the portraits that look like trading cards. when i look at them, i wonder who they are, and why in the world no one wanted to save them...


I love vintage photos, too! I also collect vintage buttons that I use to make jewelry or just keep in pretty jars to admire. Love your blog! Deborah

Kim B.

That's how I feel about post cards. I could spend an afternoon just sifting through post cards at an antique store!

Mary Ann

First of all, my crush on Tom Selleck makes the moustachioed-men photos seem totally normal. Second - vintage patterns, s & p shakers, fabric, ephemera, everything ever invented.


Buttons, Jade-ite, pyrex, vintage scarves, aprons...the list goes on and on!


Anything embroidered. I am in awe of the craftsmanship and time that went into these lovely things that get casually discarded by family... I rescue them and show them off. I love old photos too. I have some of my maternal grandmothers, and even though I don't know everyone in the pictures I love they are part of my history somehow. :) Love that one of the boat though. Gosh.


That photo is fabulous! I love ribbon, pretty paper, spools of thread, white pitchers...


I love old charm bracelets for the same reason you like photos - I wonder why someone would get rid of something so painstakingly collected.


Fantastic boating photo!
I also collect vintage photos and postcards.
Great treasures!
Oh, also Flickr has been slow here, and not editing photos.


yes... i collect old photos, too, and feel so sad to think there is no one left on earth to cherish them. i think it's good that we give them new life and new stories by buying them up (and posting them) :) this shot is lovely.


You do have a lot of collections!

I feel the same way about the abandonment of old photos. It seems like such a shame.

Patti Koosed

I just popped in to say hello Jan.

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