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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Mary Ann

I am so stinkin' excited to send your presents! Not only did I buy yours on etsy, but I also made goodies for the kiddos. You're all going to squeal:) And those mushrooms? I heart them in a major way!

Vallen Queen

Heart-stoppingly beautiful. Shoes, ahhhhhhhhh.

Vallen Queen

Oh, that's the other post.
Felted mushrooms - good, too. Can we put them on some shoes. Pom-poms on shoes. It's all about shoes. No?


I only recently discovered the amazing art of felting. I haven't tried it yet but I do have some projects in mind. This little mushroom us utterly adorable! So cute sitting on that spoon waiting to be gobbled up-lol.


The mushrooms are too sweet.

You've reminded me that I have one of those pom pom makers in my cabinet!

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