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Monday, April 02, 2007


Aunt Sharon

Hi Sweets,
Love your new swap, I see, the beautiful flowers. I can almost smell them, they look soft, and I can hear the birds, Ü
Love You,
Aunt Sharon


I am so all over this!


Wonderful idea, but I'm on a swap-diet ;))
Beautiful flowers!


Sounds like fun. Do you mind if I mention it on my blog? So many people ask me if I know about any upcoming swaps... and now I do :) Thanks!~

Rachel S.

I'll join you in the "Use what you have" month! In the spirit of keeping green [both environmental and keeping money in the pocket!]


horray!!! a spring-e swap, cannot wait!!!


you are just awesome...loved the green ideas and now this :) Sadly, i am just not talented in the right ways- HAHAHA
Miss you! J.


No my dear...it is definitely not you. 2007 is going way too fast for me, and everyone around me. Does that mean I'm getting old. I used to get so annoyed when old people sat around and talked about how much has changed, but now I'm doing that very thing. Oh my...


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