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Monday, January 26, 2009



Yes, yes, me too :)


AWW!! Thanks Jen! What a sweet surprise. Right back at you, my friend! :)

And now I know who to go to if/when we ever buy a new laptop! Yay for you!!

cindy k

i adore both of mary's blogs - so much eye candy and wit. i adore apples two, both varieties. it was the 25th anniversary of the imac the other day.


ditto! how can you not love mary?!


I love mary too! just found her blog a few weeks ago and I just LOVE it.


PS--also, I chose her gift from the Lil Bee's stimulus package when I guest blogged and she sent me the sweetest package ever...that girl is SO creative! I love both her blogs.


What a fun picture! I love my Mac too...


I love Mary too. She's the best!
I was just over at Painted Fish and noticed your lovely project...I love it. I bought a polaroid today at my favorite thrift shop in my neighborhood and I can't wait to start playing. I have some film and I'm so exited:)


omg...I just realized that I already commented on this post a week ago! lol.

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