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Thursday, December 11, 2008



You look HAPPY!
If I have learned one thing during my crazy time on this planet it is this...everything, EVERY THING, happens for a reason. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out, but we always do.
Happy Holidays my bloggy friend, and all the best in the New Year.

cindy k

you are so cute! looks like you had a nice day out with your photography assistant who is probably the cutest ever.


hey there pretty lady! great photos :)

teresa atkinson

Glad you guys had a good day --- try to keep smiling.

painted fish studio

it looks so warm there, what a great day!


Hello, Beautiful!! :)

...and I second Bridgette!


it all looks so good, jen. and my, little c has learned the polaroids...good for you, good for him. sending you xxx


love all these polas, jen! i am so glad you are going out and enjoying your time with your little one. i loved your last post too.
create, create, create, my friend!
i am thinking of you.


so so good. especially love that portrait of you. perfection :)

The Lil Bee

I'm so sorry you were laid off. It looks like you are making good use of your time...these photos are beautiful:) Happy holidays...!

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