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Friday, October 31, 2008



oh, jen (and jen), i am crazy for these. simply gorgeous work, capturing the theme perfectly. thanks for showing them :)

Mary Ann

Really. Who needs eggs anyway?


I think it's that time of year. Hope you get some filling. Not the dentist or doughnut variety. Some quiet, some laughter, some time with family and friends. Memory making. Take care Jen.


jen, you're amazing, and i'll tell you that over and over and over. if you're not hearing it enough, let me know. really. because i'll tell you over and over...


and over...


I hope you are feeling better soon, Jen. Call me. Maybe a chat would help? xo.


The pictures truly tell a story. Now, go buy some eggs, make a yummy omelette and SNAP OUT OF IT!!! We all care about you.
PS- I just hate a sad house.


I enjoyed your October pics! Hope all is well with you.


great photos...both of them.

things will start filling up again real soon. it was wonderful to hear your voice this weekend. xxx

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