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Friday, August 22, 2008



This is frame worthy :)


Pretty indeed. And that blue one! How adorable.


yeah, that blue/green one - killing me with the cute camera goodness!

cindy k

oooo, i have camera envy - love the yellow one. i wish i still had the different cameras we had growing up, especially our little brownie.


Oh my GOD!!!!! I love this!!! You are too much!

Is that a blue one I spy?! Help. I want to squeal out loud but my jet-lagged sister is in the next room sleeping...

Mary Ann

I collect EVERYTHING. Sigh.


Great collection there :-)


i have a few cameras lying around, i wouldn't call it a collection though...yet. hehe. love this image :)


ooooo, what's the blue/yellow one?


oh, great collection... and gorgeous photo! (please make prints of this)


A lovely collection. (This is a great shot!)

amanda @ www.kiddio.org

Oh, yes, the aqua bakelite one is a treasure! We have a collection too, but it's feeling a little brown and black at the moment :)



wow! and i used to think my three brownie camera collection i had in high school was a big deal :)


I love old cameras. I even just "borrowed" my parents old Rolleicord. We'll see if they get it back as they weren't using it. They did have some 20+ year old film in their fridge for it. Can you believe they kept it in the fridge all these years? I wonder if it would turn out at all.

Miss Bebop

It'a an amazing collection, love it.
Thank you for visiting!!

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